The purpose of applied trumpet study is to expose students to trumpet performance and pedagogy. Students will be required to prepare assigned materials on a weekly basis for performance in their lessons.

Trumpet study will be focused on

·         Solo Literature
·         Etudes
·         Tone Production
·         Flexibility
·         Sight Reading
·         Range Studies
·         Transposition
·         Endurance
·         Different Keyed Trumpets
·         Improvisation

All students are required to purchase and bring to lessons a notebook, consisting of a 3-ring binder with the following sections:

·         Syllabus – course of study
·         Assignments
·         Warm-up materials, and Handouts


The final lesson grade will be determined by a combination of

·         Weekly lesson grades
·         The end of semester jury grade
·         A successful performance on PAC - Students who perform and pass a degree recital are exempt from performing a jury.

Weekly grades are based on the following criteria

·         A – exceptional progress – always prepared
·         B – very good progress – well prepared most of the time
·         C – some progress – inconsistent preparation
·         D – very little progress – unprepared
·         F – no progress - unprepared


Each trumpet student will be assigned a lesson time based on their schedule of classes and Dr. Hamilton’s schedule. Lessons are 20 minutes for .5 credit and 50 minutes for 1-4 hours of credit.

Students should make every effort to be at their lesson and be prepared. If a student must cancel or reschedule a lesson due to illness or an emergency they must notify Dr. Hamilton by email or office phone before the lesson time. Lessons will be rescheduled at the discretion of Dr. Hamilton. Tardiness of more than 15 minutes will result in a minimum of one grade letter lower for that lesson. A lesson may be terminated by Dr. Hamilton if the student demonstrates inadequate preparation, resulting in an F for the lesson.



  Ouachita Trumpet Studio